Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feb Photos!

Since the weather has been the biggest adjustment for us here in Colorado, I can honestly say that I have never been happier for March to arrive! Despite the fact that the month tends to be the snowiest of the year in the Denver area,, and the kookiest (with highs in the 70s and 80s and the next day, 30s with snow), it still brings us closer to spring, and warmer weather! I am so tired of wearing long pants and shoes everyday!!
We thankfully are flying to Orlando tomorrow for a much needed respite from the cold and to see some Dodgers spring training games! Be expecting some pictures of the beach, and lots of green foliage when we return!But in the meantime, here are our pictures from the month of February. You'll notice pictures from around the house (including her room- I took those for her baby book), Gigi's 9 month photos that I took of her rather than going to a portrait studio, first bath in the big-girl tub, Gigi's swimming class, and the Zoo among others.
I will mention that we had a great time taking Gigi to the Denver Zoo for the first time- she loved looking at and talking to the animals. I'm not sure if the bigger highlight of the day though was the baby giraffe jumping over the first railing and almost out of the pen (David saw it but the rest of us were inside looking at the other giraffes) or, the monkey who looked like Rafiki doing a back flip- I am dead serious, he did a standing back tuck right there in his exhibit; it was amazing. Wish I could have caught that on video!Click for photos:


Yaya & Papa said...

Great pics!! Love seeing them all.
Love, mom :)

Emmyshell said...

thanks for the kangaroo photo!

emily said...

she's getting sooo big! where has this year gone!?

Anonymous said...

gigi is adorable and we're stopping in to say we hope you're having a blast with family in florida!