Wednesday, February 13, 2008

9 months old!

Our little Gigi Bri is now 9 months old! Just a little update on her... she weighed in at 15 lbs 9 oz (~20th %ile) is 26 5/8'' long (50th %ile) at the doc's last week. So she's still pretty tiny but to us she seems to be getting big! Must just be because she is doing so much these days (or because her crazy hair is getting so long!).
She's officially cruising the furniture, although she is a speedy little crawler so she usually resorts to that as her choice mode of transportation. She is still very vocal, and has added to her repertoire an energetic "yeee-eah!" that elicits many smiles, and cute little deeoo- like sounds. She's still a bit of a challenge in the nap area-- taking as long as an hour and a half to finally give in to sleep, although usually once she's out she'll sleep for a good while.
She has several teeth now-- 2 on bottom, and 3+ that are poking out on top. She still likes to play in her corral although we have opened it now to give her a bigger play area. Her favorite game these days is "Peek-a-boo" which she even initiates by herself (video forthcoming on that!).
So to say the least, we are thoroughly enjoying parenting this little sweetie and are enjoying the fun stage that she is at right now!The goofy girl playing around.

Side note: I was about to get mad if I heard one more time about the 80-degree weather in California... but then today our high hit 64!!!!! I'm currently wearing shorts in my house! Yippee! Now if only it wasn't supposed to snow 8 inches tomorrow... oh well, only a little over 2 weeks before we go to Florida!


Yaya & Papa said...

What a funny expression she has in this photo!! Looking forward to seeing her move in action!!

PS It was cloudy today if that makes you feel better and this afternoon we were colder at 54 degrees!!
Love you all!!

david said...

It is now raining in So Cal. But it was nice running on the beach with no shirt, with snowy mountains in the background, last weekend.

Yeah, you should move back here. Who cares if we can never afford a house.