Saturday, June 23, 2007

Go Angels!

Just a quick update from little ol' me...
Last night we went to my second Angels game and they won in the 11th inning! We had to stay until the end because it was Big Bang Friday! Too bad I just slept right through those fireworks; I heard they were awesome. And supposedly there was a really annoying lady behind us but I didn't notice that either. We went with my Unc A and his girlfriend, Angelina. I'm still looking forward to my first Dodgers game though! It's in July.
P.S. A big thanks goes out to my Unc A for making my really cute birth announcements!!


angelina said...

i love the asian guys behind us in the group pic!

beckie said...

Yes, they are very cute birth anouncements - Sean Jr saw it and said "who's that silly baby?" I told him and asked if he remembered when she came over and he said "she was a-fast-a-sweep!" He remembers! Hope to see you soon!