Friday, February 09, 2007


Hi! Well I had my glucose test this week, and everything came back normal except that I have low iron so I have to start taking iron supplements along with Vitamin C (must help with absorption?). I bought a body pillow yesterday so I'm hoping it will aid my sleep comfort level. We have our childbirth class this Saturday as long as the teacher doesn't get sick again, we've already had it cancelled once!

This picture is of me just past 26 weeks. Notice the cute maternity dress that I got at Target for only 6 bucks! What a deal!

On a side note, David has been traveling this week in Orlando for work and as he left the airport today he saw an abundance of cheerleaders which made me remember that last weekend was the weekend I was always there for Nationals!


julie said...

How cute are you! That dress was a steal!

kathy said...

hope your childbirth class goes well!