Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spontaneous Road Trip: Part 1

After Carly & Chase's wedding we decided to drive up to Portland, OR to visit our college friends Dave & Rachael Berry and meet their daughter Pearl. We figured, hey, we'll be halfway there (in Sac) and we're unemployed with time to spare, so why not!

It was a great decision! The drive up there was beautiful- neither of us had driven that far north as adults and seeing I-5 in the spring is a lot greener and nicer than summertime. Gigi noted that there were "wots [lots] of cows."We had a great time touring around Portland with stay-at-home dad Dave (one of David's college roommates and also to be forever remembered as the groomsman at our wedding with 2 left shoes). He helps pastor a church in Portland and took us to tour Skate Church which his co-pastor started over 20 years ago. It was really fun to see Gigi and Pearl play together, too. Pearl turned 1 in December so they are only about 7 months apart.
We went to Powell's Books which is the biggest bookstore I could imagine- an entire city block and multiple levels!! It was awesome! And we also saw the beautiful Multnomah Falls (pictured up above) in the Columbia River Gorge. It was raining, but that didn't stop us from venturing out!
I really loved Oregon, especially how green it is~ and I mean that literally and figuratively.

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for the rest of trip's recaps.

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Shan said...

how fun...tell them we said hi (actually, i think i only met rachel once, but dave knows us). the girls look so cute playing together!