Friday, December 14, 2007


Caveat: This blog has lots of words & photos, but it's worth it!! :)

Our little family flew home to California to camp at San Elijo State Beach for Thanksgiving weekend. We were joined by my parents, David's parents, Alex & Angelina, the Freys and lots of visitors (like Grandma, Aunt Kathy & Josh for Thanksgiving day!). We indulged in our annual smoked turkey and lots of other good food (including the amazing cranberry salsa!!). We got to surf a couple of times and enjoy some beautiful sunsets like usual; it was a great weekend!

Then we headed up to Orange County to see some peeps (thanks to the Wrights for hosting us!)-- primarily to meet Kaitlyn Grace Dear, who was born on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately David had to fly home on the Monday after (somebody has to work), but Gigi and I got to stay in CA for 2 more weeks! We stayed at my brother's place for a couple of days (thanks Angelina for babysitting so I could go out for a fun night with my friend Krista!), visiting other friends and eating good California food!I spent the rest of the trip down at my parents' house hanging out with friends down in SD, sewing with my mom, watching cheesy Christmas movies, shopping at Trader Joe's, and even going to my old church's women's Christmas Coffee which was super fun and beautifully decorated!One of the highlights was going with my parents to a party to benefit the SD Wildfire Victims at the home of none other than Steve Finley (Former Dodger/Padre/Angel/etc!). We met him and Trevor Hoffman, both of whom where genuinely nice, and about as honored to meet my dad, the Fire Chief, as we were to meet them! Also present, although we didn't meet them, were Dave Roberts and David Justice. The house and food were amazing and it was a very fun night to say the least (oh and thanks to the Freys for babysitting!).

The main reason that Gigi and I stayed was to be in town for our dear friends Kelsi & Russell's wedding on Dec. 9. I was honored to be a bridesmaid in one of the prettiest weddings I've been to at the Old Richland Schoolhouse in San Marcos. It was quite chilly (although since I've returned to CO, it wasn't so bad looking back-heehee), but we had a great time. The Sheltons are like extended family to me and I was glad to get to spend so much time with them!

I'm sorry to say that I'm officially too lazy to caption over 200 pictures, but hopefully this long blog explains what you're about to see. Please leave a comment here or on a particular picture if you want more details on it! Here they are:
And for your viewing pleasure, here are the pictures that my personal photographer (heehee), Rena, took of us at the beach:


Yaya & Papa said...

We loved spending so much time with you and Gianna! We miss you tons and look forward to our visit at Christmas! Sending you all loads of love!

david said...

Kaitlyn looks like she is calling a timeout...or giving Beth a Technical foul.

Rena and Jesse Frey said...

It was so good to have you here. I'm glad you got home safe. Thanks for posting all the pictures. We miss you already!