Monday, September 24, 2007


Now that we have been in our new home for almost 2 weeks, I decided to reflect a little on the past and the future.

Top things I will miss about California:1. My family within a short drive
2. My brother being a walk down the hall away
3. Our awesome CA friends
4. The beach
5. Our church
6. Surfing
7. Trader Joe's
8. In'n'Out
9. The weather
10. The Dodgers
11. Philly Grille
12. Golden Spoon

Top things I am excited about in Colorado:1. A new adventure!
2. Our few friends here (and David's aunt!)
3. The mountains and the sky
4. Seasons (T-storms, fall colors, and snow!)
5. Snowboarding
6. Lack of traffic
7. Our Rec Centers
8. SuperTarget!
9. The Light Rail to downtown
10. Finding a new church
11. More space for less money!
12. Having people come visit us!!! (hint, hint!)

It's been hard to leave California, but in the end, my home is wherever the Lord leads, and wherever my husband and baby are!

These lists were inspired by my friend Myste.


Yaya & Papa said...

It's been two weeks already??? We miss you guys a lot!
Love you! Kisses and huggies!

Anonymous said...

hope you are transitioning well! have you heard of snow SKIING!? it kicks butt over snowBoarding!:)

i just keep pinching myself remembering dave in jr. high and now seeing you guys as a family... time flies. say hi to gigi from uncle eric.

myste said...

How fun! Man, I love Colorado, but I dont know if I could ever live in a state with no Trader Joes.