Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our Future Home

So, this is our house that we will be living in when we move to Colorado. It's in Highlands Ranch, which is about a half-hour south of Denver (near Littleton). We leave September 8th, and make the drive out to Colorado. We are starting to get excited, especially after finding a house to rent. This place is such an amazing value, compared to California prices!!
Thankfully, we know a few people that will be close-by in Colorado, including David's aunt Annette, and our friends the Stopniks and the Thompsons. We will have plenty of room for guests, so start planning your ski trips, people! :)


ms. tea said...

wow! i had no idea you were leaving the state. i had better get to see you before you go away. my mom lives in colorado now, did you know that? she is in Silverton on the western slope of the rockies

Jennifer Schlenker said...

I am here in the vail valley and would love to come see you when you move in or if you want to come to the mountains let me know. i will be praying for a safe move and good adjustment. love you guys.