Thursday, January 11, 2007

Surf's up in Gianna's bedroom!

Well, the fetal echo went well. The doctors said our baby's anatomy including the heart all looks normal (they can see about 75% of defects thru the ultrasound), and we now have had 5 people say that it's a girl, so I think we're going to go ahead and go with the pink. :-) Actually, I'm posting a picture of the rug I got for the room so you can have an idea as to what the decor is going to look like. I feel like I'm showing more and more each day, which is fun, although the not-so-fun part is that I'm growing out of more and more of my clothes! We're off to Sacramento this afternoon where we have a wedding that David is in, and I will be wearing my one maternity dress to the 3rd wedding this year! Shhh, don't tell! :)

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